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Assalamualaikum, Sir, Im a software engineer working at a software firm. The firm has many clients among those there are a number of banks. Currently I am developing software for our bank clients. The software I am developing is not directly related to calculating riba (interest). For example, I am developing a reporting software through which the business organization will submit there business reports to Bangladesh bank. I am developing another software for a bank through which the customer can pay their mobile bill, utility bill …. like this type of things. My question – Is my salary HALAL? I talked to my CEO to change my project but unfortunately there is no opportunity currently available. Im also trying for another job. But most of the firms have banks, insurances as their clients. Please clarify few other things if possible : – Firstly, I am working at a software firm not at a Bank directly. Second if I work in that part of the software which is not directly related to reba based transactions – is it allowed or not?


ওয়া আলাইকুুমুস সালাম ওয়া রহমাতুল্লাহ। আপনার কাজের সাথে সুদের কোন সংশ্লিষ্টতা নেই। তাই এটাকে হারাম বলা কঠিন। অন্য কোনো সুযোগ না থাকলে এ চাকরী করা যাবে বলেই মনে হয়।