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Can I give my Zakat money to build Mosjid? In my village, our Mosjid is re-constructing. During this Eid-ul-azha, My villagers wanted to announce a amount for building our Mosjid from me, thats why I had to declare 5000 taka to give them for this purpose. Although I had given some amount already for this purpose. Now they want 5000 taka more as a regular chada (Bengali). When I had to declare to give them 5000 taka, I didnt have wish(niot) that I will give it from my Zakat. Now my question – Can I give this total 10000/-


যাকাতের টাকা মসজিদে দেয়া যাবে না। যাকাতের টাকা দিয়ে মসজিদ-মাদরাসা বানানো যাবে না। ব্যক্তিকেই যাকাত দিতে হয়।